AEO Security Policy

AEO Security Policy

MOL Logistics Taiwan has become the seventh subsidiary in the MOL Logistics group
which applied for AEO certification, after the MOL Logistics Japan, MOL Logistics U.S.A.,
MOL Logistics Netherlands, MOL Logistics Thailand, MOL Logistics Hong Kong and
MOL Logistics Shanghai (WBLZ).

Obtaining the “AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)” is not only an honor but also a responsibility, an unshirkable responsibility to employees, customers and society.
We are ready to carry out this corporate responsibility. Through the professional
guidance of the Taiwan customs, and join hands with experienced business partners,
to jointly fulfill the mission of small screws!

  • (1) Comply with regulatory requirements

    Comply with the safety regulations and other requirements applicable to our company, and strive to comply with advanced international safety standards.

  • (2) Popularize safety awareness

    Implement safety education and propaganda, enhance the ability and awareness of all employees to independently manage safety, and promote participation and implement safety work.

  • (3) Strengthen communication and consultation

    Strengthen interactions with colleagues and stakeholders, establish channels to convey policies and related information, and provide appropriate responses.

  • (4) Attach importance to risk management

    Through security threat confirmatiom, risk assessment and risk management processes, necessary risk reduction and control measures can be confirmed, evaluated and implemented on an ongoing basis to sound supply chain security management.

  • (5) Improve performance continuously

    Thoroughly implement the safety management system of supply chain and enhance the safety performance of supply chain through continuous improvement.