Company Profile


Company Profile

MOL Logistics (Taiwan)

Aiming to progress in corresponding to the ever changing world of logistics, we produce logistics services providing prompt transport modes and information management for customers who have a wide variety of needs.
By utilizing the global network of MOL Logistics that connects bases in every corner of the world, we put accumulated know-hows together from experts of wide range of sections and offer high-quality and homo-geneous services.
“Be in the best condition” – that is what MOL Logistics’s service all about!!

As mentioned above, in order to strengthen the pulse of the global logistics network, MOL Logistics Group officially established a subsidiary in Taipei – MOL Logistics (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. in April 1991, in response to the import and export of Japanese companies to Taiwan, in order to provide comprehensive and high-efficiency freight forwarding business and hope to contribute to the rapid growth of international trade in Taiwan. We have been in business for 33 years and are deeply trusted and supported by our customers.

The Group aims to the Corporate Principles 「We contribute worldwide economic growth by developing comprehensive, high value-added total logistics services that can meet any customer’s requirements.
We will conduct sound and highly transparent businesses and aim at enhancing corporate value. We will fulfill our responsibilities to the public and shareholders, and at the same time work to create a company that offers employees a satisfying workplace」

MOL Logistics Taiwan has become the seventh subsidiary in the MOL Logistics group which applied for AEO certification, after the MOL Logistics Japan, MOL Logistics U.S.A., MOL Logistics Netherlands, MOL Logistics Thailand, MOL Logistics Hong Kong and MOL Logistics Shanghai (WBLZ).

Obtaining the “AEO (Authorized Economic Operator)” is not only an honor but also a responsibility, an unshirkable responsibility to employees, customers and society. We are ready to carry out this corporate responsibility. Through the professional guidance of the Taiwan customs, and join hands with experienced business partners, to jointly fulfill the mission of small screws!